A Christian loves Christ in his neighbor and he loves his neighbor out of love for Christ. An apostle is more
than a mere do-gooder. We do apostolate in the spirit of Christian charity, seeking to save the human person in all
his dimensions and providing for him “the very thing the suffering person—any person—needs: namely, loving
personal concern” (Benedict XVI, Encyclical Deus caritas est, n. 28,b). A Regnum Christi member is driven and
guided by supernatural love, the same love with which Christ loves us and gave himself up for our salvation. 

- Regnum Christi Handbook, 158


Programa Mujer (For Women), promote the personal growth and development of the women so they can achieve a more stable family life and that she can improve their environment.

Yearly; Summer

The Catholic Worldview Fellowship forms, networks and empowers talented college students to evangelize culture through an experience of the Catholic Worldview.


Organization for girls in 1st ‐8th grade, Team-based, Teen-Led, Christ-centered through formation of virtues and carried out in daily life and apostolic activities.


Conquest is forming young people in the RC spirituality = ECYD. Consist in clubs with various service projects. There are also retreats, camps, trips, and fun integration activities throughout the year.  

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