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Consecrated life in Regnum Christi is a new lifestyle in response to Christ’s call to his chosen ones: “Come and follow me.” Our spiritual life is built around the Movement’s five great loves: Christ, the Church, the Pope, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and souls. We live a deeply Christ-centered spirituality, where Christ is the center, standard, and source of our lives and our happiness. We seek an authentic love for the Church and faithful adherence to the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth. We have a close devotion to Our Lady, consisting primarily in the imitation of her virtues. Finally, we dedicate all our time and energy to the salvation of souls.
As consecrated women, we are aware that Regnum Christi’s call to authentic Gospel charity must be lived out more perfectly and deeply in our own lives before giving it to others. We live in community, which allows us to open ourselves to be enriched by women of other cultures, languages, backgrounds and personalities, and give witness to the charity lived by the first Christian communities. Charity is the interior force that shapes our promises of poverty, chastity and obedience in service to Christ and to others.
Consecrated life is necessary in today’s Church. As Pope John Paul II said, “Thank you, consecrated women! Following the example of the greatest of women, the Mother of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word, you open yourselves with obedience and fidelity to the gift of God´s love. You help the Church and all mankind to experience a ‘spousal’ relationship to God, one which magnificently expresses the fellowship which God wishes to establish with his creatures” (John Paul II, Letter to Women, 2). Each consecrated woman in Regnum Christi seeks to become “another Christ” to the world, by knowing, loving and imitating Christ, and communicating His personal and ardent love to humanity.
If you would like more information, please contact Tammy Grady at tgrady@regnumchristi.net or at (214) 907-9906.

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Meet the consecrated:

Deb Bauer

Formation Director

Rene Blackwell

The Highlands School

Denise Funke

Community Director

Tammy Grady

Local Vocational Director

Dori Hangodi


The Highlands School

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Mary Nuxoll

The Highlands School

Jill Preisack

Pastoral Ministry

Taniele Tucker

Pastoral Ministry

Anne Will

The Highlands School

Melanie Zoll


Pastoral Ministry

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