Young Adults Membership

What Does my Membership Contribution Support?

First, this is one of the best ways to support to the your Section. Your contribution helps cover the costs like rentals, food, supplies, and promotional materials for our events – monthly retreats, weekend silent retreats, annual triduum of renewal, apostolic events, study circles, and so many more! 

Second, your membership contribution offers you a regular way to tithe to the Church. The truth is that our Section does not have a reliable source of income at this time which can affect the quality, length, frequency and impact of our events.

This is where you come in! We are seeking to improve the quality of our current events and be able to host more events that will serve our diocese. Your contributions are a key part in making that happen! Throughout the year, we will also host some FUNdraising events open to the public, which will help supplement our financial goals and develop new projects.

How Much Should I Give?

After carefully reviewing the Young Women’s Section’s finances, we found that a donation of $35 per month would allow us to make all of these goals happen. Please know that your ability to pay the complete amount does not affect your involvement in Regnum Christi. We understand there are many parts of life which impact your finances. If you're interested in an alternative payment option or wish to receive more details, please contact Ofelia Zamora.

Did You Know?

  • we are a nonprofit and your contribution may be tax-deductible!

  • every section pays national insurance coverage for each member so you are protected on all our events.

  • that we have a section administrator? Ofelia Zamora helps us our budget on track. Thank you, Ofelia!

  • sections across the territory are slowly returning to this practice of membership contribution.

  • our most sought after events - weekend retreats - often run us in the red and cost more than they bring in.

Young Women’s Section Goals and
Related Expenses for the 2017-2018 Year

  • Begin a scholarship fund for our retreats to reduce overall fees and offer assistance to those with less means. This upcoming year we plan to host two retreats.

  • Provide more training for our section formators which will involve participation at national Regnum Christi events.

How Can I Make My Contribution?

Make a Check: Mailing a check will reduce the card processing fees associated with your online contribution. For instructions please contact Ofelia Zamora at
Pay Online: Below you will find a link to set up online donations. You have the option to pay weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or in one lump sum

Thank you for contributing to BUILDING THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST!

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