CRC Survey Results are In!

The Consecrated Women would like to thank everyone who gave feedback through the survey in June. We need your feedback in order to stay grounded and be able to better respond to the needs around us.

We had 58 people answer all or part of the survey. Out of these, 75% were women and 25% were men, 44 people answered what they would like to see us continue to do, and 33 people gave us ideas on what they would like to see us work on.

The results of questions rating us in different areas, 1 being lowest and 5 being the highest, were as follows:

  • Personal Accompaniment: 4.48

  • Apostolic Zeal: 4.46

  • Professionalism: 4.44

  • Communication – individual: 4.43

  • Team Player: 4.31

  • Service Actual Needs: 4.22

  • Communication – Group: 4.20

  • Preaching: 4.19

  • Leadership: 4.16

These results helped us see where possible opportunities to grow and improve were. If you have any feedback, ideas, constructive criticism for us on our leadership, preaching, and group communication, we will welcome it. We welcome any feedback on any topic!

It came out clearly that you appreciate the personal accompaniment we do, be it in friendship with families, spiritual direction, or being a support. Out of the 44 comments given on what you would like to see us continue to do, 23 said spiritual direction or the various ways we accompany people.

The input, from 33 people on what they would like to see us work on or improve, was varied and there was not any one thing mentioned repeatedly. However, a A couple of things stood out to us. First, 2 respondents mentioned concerns about not wearing masks following COVID-19 protocol. Since the survey was in June we are now sure of what we may need to improve regarding COVID-19 measures. We do take it seriously and want to follow official guidelines. If you see any specific concerns, please reach out to us immediately.

There were 3 people out of 33 that mentioned in some way that they would like to see more of us in their homes, see us connect better and get involved with their kids. There were 2 people who want to see us preach more and see a variety of us preaching.

There were some individual suggestions for those who work at The Highlands School, and that team of consecrated have taken these into account. The other suggestions vary about where our priorities are, but there wasn’t any consensus on that, except for wanting us to continue in spiritual direction and personal accompaniment.

We desire and aspire to connect with your families, with you and with your kids. We welcome any invitations to spend time with you. We will be aware of what was shared in this survey and see what we can do to improve.

Once again, we thank you and encourage you as our brothers and sisters in the Lord to be confident in approaching any of us to give us feedback and help to grow.

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