Regnum Christi Resources

Daily meditations

Daily Meditations are meditations on the day’s Gospel written daily by Legionary Priests.

Legion Mass Program

Legionary priests celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass daily and would be honored to remember your intentions. Offerings for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass support our Legionary priests and seminarians.

RC Newsletters

There are a number of regular newsletters to keep you, local members, and friends of the Movement informed and in the know about the incredible ways God is working in through Regnum Christi!

RC Prayer book

Pray on the go with the Regnum Christi Prayer Book, now available for free online and accessible by computer, phone or tablet.  It includes prayers for all of the moments when Catholics are traditionally encouraged to step back from their daily activity and spend some time with God

RC Spirituality

Free, online resources designed to help you PRAY, LEARN, GROW, AND GO! 

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